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Craniosacral Therapy for The City and East London, close to Liverpool Street Station EC2,and Houndsditch EC3

Jane Bennett RCST Registered Craniosacral Therapist

A powerful effective therapy for the treatment of anxiety and stress related symptoms, medical conditions, physical injuries and trauma

I work from home which is on Commercial Street London E1. I am on the outskirts of The City of London, 5 to 10 min walk from Liverpool Street station and 2 min from Spitalfield market.

I am a registered therapist and have been in practice since 2006.

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About Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy has its roots in the innovations of the early experimental osteopaths and is now one of the most successful and fastest growing approaches to mind-body healing.

As a CS therapist we are trained to feel the quality of the central nervous system (CNS) and the relationship of the CNS to the rest of the body; how it manifests throughout the body and where there may be sites of inertia created through trauma or illness at a structural or emotional level.

We place our hands on the body, generally on the head, base of spine and feet, to gain insight into the areas that require attention. This is the listening process.

Through attentive listening we are given hands-on access to the interface between body, mind and emotions.

Home. feetThe process of listening has the effect on the CNS to begin to change and heal. Our body has its own intelligence as to how it wants to be and the therapist and client work to facilitate this happening. Much deep work is done within the confines of an anatomically defined physiological system.

This powerful and profound therapy can treat anxiety and stress-related symptoms, trauma, medical conditions and physical injuries. People describe the experience as "“ A SENSE OF DEEP STILLNESS AND RELAXATION, COMFORTING, CONNECTION, TRULY HEARD, PUT BACK IN ONE PIECE AND WHOLE AGAIN."

More information on Craniosacral Therapy can be found on the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK's website.

"I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years especially brought on with the stress I feel at work. I came to see Jane and felt an immediate response. This has been a real discovery and massive resource." Caroline Graves

"I had a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury. I then suffered headaches. Despite having a course of physiotherapy my neck continued to aggravate and I continued to experience headaches. I tried sessions with Jane and after the sixth session I experienced no more pain or headaches. I continue to have a monthly treatment as I now have faith in this process to keep myself on top of my life." Charles Hobson
I offer treatments at my home on Commercial St, East London, but close to the City, and within easy reach of Liverpool Street Station

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